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We deliver our compost and topsoil products in Chittenden and N. Addison Counties to help you create healthy soil for thriving gardens and lawns.

Compost Products

All of our compost products are approved for use on organic farms by the Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF) certification organization. Full product descriptions can be found here, or by clicking any of the text/images below.

The Benefits of Farm-Crafted Compost™

Compost & The Living Soil

While many gardeners have some idea about the importance of using compost, not as many truly understand what makes compost so valuable. To better appreciate the magic of compost, it helps to understand how soil fertility is created in more natural ecosystems such as forests and grasslands.
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Horticultural Benefits

Generous applications of compost with high organic matter content increases the moisture-holding capacity of sandy soil and improves the drainage and aeration of heavy clay soil. "Feeding the soil" with compost also provides a steady supply of humus and essential nutrients resulting in more vigorous plants with greater resistance to disease, pests, and draught.

Environmental Benefits

Using Farm-crafted Compost to maintain soil fertility is key to avoiding chemical fertilizers and pesticides with their inherent environmental and health hazards. Utilizing compost made from surplus manure also recycles valuable nutrients, helps keep our lakes and rivers clean, and supports local farms.

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