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Getting Started: Tips for the Novice Gardener

by Steven Wisbaum

Gardening is a life-long learning process. And while there's an abundance of gardening information available in books, magazines, and on-line, this article covers a few tips to help get you started, including:

  • testing for heavy metals
  • evaluating the potential productivity of your garden
  • essential tools
  • turning a lawn or field into a vegetable garden
  • ensuring there's sufficient nutrients and organic matter in soil
  • garden design/layout
  • planting from seeds and seedlings
  • weed management
  • soil moisture management
  • planting flowers in a vegetable garden
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Compost and the Living Soil

by Steven Wisbaum

While most gardeners are now are familiar with the concept of using compost, the specific role that compost plays in building soil and plant health isn’t always as well understood.  For some background, it’s useful to consider how soil fertility is created in more natural ecosystems such as forests and grasslands. This article includes information about:

  • soil fertility
  • humus
  • damaged soil
  • the benefits of compost
  • the soil ecosystem
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